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Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 a Huge Hit - West Coast LTP Highlights

#TransformYourLife / June 02, 2023

Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 has been a superhit from the get go - the topic of the lectures are Golden Rules for Living Your Best Life and The Power of Thoughts respectively. Throughout April and May in a frenzy of activity, Swamiji jetted across cities on the West Coast of the continental United states covering Washington (Seattle, Redmond), California (Bay Area - San Jose, Sunnyvale, Fremont; Southern California - Los Angeles), and Arizona (Tempe, Phoenix). The technocratic Indian diaspora abroad and Hindu temple priests warmly welcomed him with Vedic mantras and ecstatic kirtan. Halls everywhere reverberated with applause for his accomplishments, wisdom and selfless contribution to humanity. In Seattle, he delivered talks at both Microsoft and Amazon headquarters respectively. In Phoenix, Swamiji was conferred the prestigious Ambassador of Peace Award by the Universal Peace Federation, a highly reputable global organization across 160 countries with ties to United Nations.  At every tour stop, several hundred people, who previously watched Swamiji only on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, queued up to meet him in person and get their copies of his bestselling books personally autographed by him. They clamored for his personal attention to get their questions answered.

"Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 Radha Krishna Temple of Bay Area"

"Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 West Coast LTP Meet and Greet"

Several people were inspired to sign up for the West Coast Retreat and learn Bhakti Yog Sadhana under his divine guidance. The highlight of 2023 USA Tour is the cover release of Swamiji's highly anticipated latest book, unveiling the secrets of everlasting happiness under any circumstance - The Art and Science of Happiness published by Penguin India - preorders have officially begun since May 29 as announced at the JKYog West Coast Retreat (the grand culmination of the West Coast Tour) over Memorial Day Weekend.

"Book Launch - The Art and Science of Happiness by Swami Mukundananda"

Attendees are taking advantage of blissful morning walks and Q&A sessions with Swamiji with over 100 people showing up sometimes. Swamiji also conducts blissful morning satsang and meditation sessions for the benefit of new attendees, so they get a glimpse of the transformative path of Bhakti. These morning events provide ample opportunity to interact with a global spiritual leader of Swamiji’s stature in a down to earth, relatable way. 

Morning Walk with Over 100 devotees in Bay Area, Fremont

"Morning Walk with Swami Mukundananda during USA Tour in California"

Read further for blissful city based highlights - The West Coast Tour 2023 has been one of the most well attended since JKYog's inception. 

Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 - Seattle Highlights

In Seattle he lectured to hundreds of professionals at Microsoft and Amazon about his upcoming book, “The Art and Science of Happiness”, leaving them spellbound with his logic, humor, and insights. The Seattle Life Transformation Program from Apr 29-May 5, also saw a record attendance of over 250+ people. Watch glimpses and attendee experiences here

At the Hindu Temple of Bothell Washington

"Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 West Coast LTP Seattle"

At the Jaya Hanumana Temple

"Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 West Coast LTP Seattle"

Lecturing to Amazon Professionals

"Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 Amazon Headquarters Seattle"

Swami Mukundananda highlighted the fact that stress has become a ubiquitous problem in today’s fast paced world, and leading a purposeful life can help manage it.  He encouraged participants to reflect on their own sense of purpose and to explore ways to live more intentionally in alignment with their values and goals.
The illuminating talk was followed by an interactive question and answer segment. Few Amazonians joined Swamiji for lunch to benefit from his association.

At the Amazon Biosphere

The Amazon Spheres is a unique workspace in downtown Seattle, Washington, USA, designed for Amazon employees to work and collaborate in a natural, park-like environment. It is a set of three large, interconnected glass domes filled with over 40,000 plants from around the world, ranging from tall trees to exotic flowers. Swami Mukundananda visited this unique workspace to experience its calming atmosphere.

"Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 Amazon Spheres Visit

Lecturing at Microsoft

Swami Mukundananda visited Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Seattle. The event was attended by around 50 Microsoft employees in person and more than 250 Microsoft employees joined the event virtually.Through various powerful examples, Swamiji explained about the two kinds of pleasures outlined in the Vedic scriptures - Shreya and Preya. Shreya is like poison at first but turns into nectar later. Preya is like nectar in the beginning but later becomes like poison. The same perspective finds parallels in modern psychology’s classification of happiness – hedonia and eudaimonia. Swamiji elaborated upon a powerful technique called positive reframing, which is the art of finding the silver lining in all situations. All the Microsoft employees who attended the event were glued to Swamiji’s talk and found it very enlightening. This was followed by an interactive Q&A where they asked questions about the true purpose of life, how to practice Karm Yog, how to remain happy when there is uncertainty etc. Some employees utilized this opportunity to have lunch with Swamiji post the event and derive benefit from his association. 

"Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 Microsoft Headquarters Talk Seattle"

"Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 Microsoft Headquarters Talk Seattle"

Morning Walk Glimpses

"Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 Morning Walk Seattle"

Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 - California Highlights

Bay Area Highlights

From May 6-May 14 he conducted the Life Transformation Program in the heart of the technological world - the Bay Area, speaking first on The Power of Thoughts at the Sunnyvale Temple and Golden Rules for Living Your Best Life at the newly inaugurated Radha Krishna Temple of Bay Area. At San Jose Airport several devotees gathered to greet Swamiji - watch glimpses here. Watch his enthusiastic welcome in Los Angeles, and San Jose.

His books rapidly sold out, and a 350+ strong audience of the creme de la creme of Bay Area professionals, relished his deep knowledge about every topic under the sun from psychology and technology, to spirituality. People clapped enthusiastically during kirtans and listened to him as if glued, wide-eyed with wonder, and spellbound - with many in the audience shedding tears of joy. Watch glimpses and attendee experiences here and here.

Sunnyvale Hindu Temple, Sunnyvale

"Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 West Coast LTP Bay Area Sunnyvale"

Radha Krishna Temple of Bay Area, San Jose

"Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 West Coast LTP Bay Area San Jose"

Swamiji also graciously performed the groundbreaking ceremony or the Bhoomi Poojan of the Radha Krishna Temple of Bay Area Ashram and Kitchen - a highly anticipated event which was celebrated with much pomp and fervor by the RKT Bay Area devotees.

"Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 RKT Bay Area Bhoomi Poojan"

Satsang Glimpses

Bay Area devotees were submerged in the devotional nectar of Swamiji's blissful, heart melting chants during peaceful morning satsangs.

"Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 Morning Satsang with Swamiji Bay Area"

Los Angeles Highlights

He also lectured at two different temples in Los Angeles from May 19-May 25 - the Chatsworth Hindu Temple and the Valley Hindu Temple at Northridge. Both programs were very successful.

Huge Crowds in LA Temples

"Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 West Coast LTP Los Angeles California"

Attendees Agog with Wonder During Lectures and Kirtans in LA

"Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 West Coast LTP Los Angeles California"

Morning Walk in Picturesque Southern California

"Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 Morning Walk Los Angeles California"

"Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 Morning Walk Los Angeles California"

Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 - Arizona Highlights

Over 150+ devotees of Arizona parched for the bliss of Satsang experienced a shower of the mellow nectar of Bhakti when Swami Mukundananda graced Phoenix. Swamiji emphasized the Vedic principle of aligning our beliefs with accurate understanding and profound wisdom to significantly impact our journey towards living a fulfilling and purposeful life.

"Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 West Coast LTP Phoenix Arizona"

"Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 Morning Walk Phoenix"

One of the remarkable highlights of the tour was that Swami Mukundananda was conferred the prestigious Ambassador For Peace Award by the Universal Peace Federation for serving humanity, promoting unity, and spreading peace. 

UPF Ambassador of Peace Award Ceremony Highlights - Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023

UPF Ambassador of Peace Award Ceremony

"Swami Mukundananda USA Tour 2023 UPF Ambassador for Peace Award"

"The UPF is an international and interreligious network of individuals and organizations, including representatives from religion, government, civil society and the private sector dedicated to achieving world peace. UPF supports the work of the United Nations, particularly in the areas of interfaith peacebuilding, peace education, and the strengthening of marriage and family.
Universal Peace Federation is an NGO in General Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. " -

This award was bestowed after thoroughly reviewing Swamiji's numerous charitable initiatives and commendable humanitarian efforts. 

Swami Mukundananda was welcomed with warm sentiments and utmost respect at the felicitation ceremony of the UPF Ambassador For Peace Awards, in Arizona. He spoke on exercising the Power of Thoughts to manifest our highest potential and addressed effective ways of tackling automatic negative thoughts through Sakshi Bhav or witness consciousness. He also spoke about the various layers of the mind defined in the Vedic scriptures.

Dr. Staffan Berg, Executive Director of Universal Peace Federation, described the aims of this worldwide organization and highlighted the qualifications and functions of an Ambassador for Peace. Subsequently he conferred the Ambassador for Peace Award on Swami Mukundananda who graciously accepted the citation and plaque, and conveyed his respects to the founders and co-founders.

He humbly acknowledged the significance of the award and recognized it as an encouragement to continue spreading peace, harmony, and spiritual wisdom.

The event brought together attendees from various backgrounds, including but not limited to Unity World Wide, Women's Federation for World Peace, Global Women's Peace Network, World Renown Physicians, GadTTRAC, Arizona Interfaith Movement etc

Watch the event highlights here at Unity Church in Phoenix, AZ.

At the end of the super successful Life Transformation Program, several hundred devotees across the Western United States, converged at the JKYog West Coast Retreat 2023 - Stay tuned for exciting retreat updates!

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