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#JKYogOnline: Be Blissful Anywhere, Anytime!

#TransformYourLife / March 27, 2020


#JKYogOnline events will help you to turn self isolation into joyful self transformation at the click of a button! Feeling bored, stressed, or stuck at home amid the coronavirus pandemic? Cheer Up! There has never been a better opportunity to relax, recharge and rejuvenate! At a time when working from home is the new normal and people are cutoff  from many sources of material entertainment such as dining, shopping, travel, socializing, we have been simultaneously gifted with a perfect, retreat-like environment in which to renew our spiritual growth and stay healthy.

#JKYogOnline: A Revolutionary Spiritual Movement

JKYog has completely revolutionized the spiritual movement with FREE ONLINE events, freely distributing spiritual knowledge and tools for inner bliss in an age where everything is commercial, even inner bliss. Several capable and knowledgeable JKYog volunteers work hard behind the scenes to prepare material and activities covering diverse spiritual topics, to coordinate the class schedules and to send reminders round the clock. They do this out of the genuine desire in divine service, to inspire and uplift others.

#JKYogOnline: An Online Spiritual Family

Hundreds of people (and still counting) across the world from USA to Qatar to India to Singapore have been deeply impacted by these FREE ONLINE sessions. Devotees from every corner of the world are united for a blissful hour as a community sharing a single goal – to transform from within and unfold the divinity within themselves. They enliven the sessions with their enthusiastic regular participation, questions, experiences, and messages of heartfelt gratitude to God, Swamiji and JKYog Volunteers for a unique program that touches their daily lives. They cannot wait to attend future scheduled sessions to reconnect with their online spiritual family and this is often the high point of their week.


What’s more, sometimes H.H. Swami Mukundananda himself graces the sessions to boost everyone with his wisdom, grace, and compassion! Such an opportunity for live interaction with a saint, when there is no way to travel anywhere, is unprecedented and has been made possible only by the wonders of technology.

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#JKYogOnline: Turn Self Isolation to Self-Contemplation

Free from the demands of work-related travel and worldly distractions, contemplate deeply on spiritual knowledge and connect with God as a family, through FREE #JKYogOnline events. You name it, JKYog has it.


Zoom, a popular web conference platform, is an easy interface that anyone can use to join these online sessions with a single link click from a smartphone or computer connected to the internet (no login credentials required). It supports multiple people from different time zones and provides amazing audio and video quality. Don’t worry about ever missing a session! Classes are scheduled multiple times through the week. Once you register, JKYog sends easily accessible reminders for these sessions directly to your phone through WhatsApp. If you miss one session, just hop on another!

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#JKYogOnline: Begin Exploring!


Whether you are looking to stay physically and mentally fit, or pursue your spiritual goals more deeply; whether you are a child, teenager, working adult or retired - #JKYogOnline has something for you to begin your journey of transformation. With flexible schedules, encouraging and knowledgeable instructors, wide online community of supportive participants, and plenty of sessions to choose from, you can start developing new skills, habits, and routines for a happy, healthy and successful life in three simple steps.

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         Children's Sessions (Fun Bhagavad Gita study with college age moderators, meditation sessions, online camp           for art classes, shloka recitation and more):

         Adult Sessions (Bhagavad Gita study, yoga, recitation, online Satsang, meditation, weekly recharge sessions):   

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What Are you Waiting For?! Check the complete schedule and event descriptions below to pick the session(s) right for you!

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Happiness Challenge in Hindi and English Online



Join the revolutionary 21 Day Happiness Challenge – 21 Days, 21 Videos, 21 Tools from Mind Management Guru Swami Mukundananda, to be happy NOW!  Launched in 2019 by Swami Mukundananda, it quickly became a worldwide phenomenon widely adopted and praised for its effectiveness in enabling people to become truly joyous – even in the face of challenging situations and people. This completely FREE online challenge comes with BONUS FREE additional material to revise key concepts anytime!

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Life Transformation Challenge Online



The desire to become better is innate to all of us. We just need the right tools! The Life Transformation Challenge created by Swami Mukundananda offers people worldwide the opportunity to blossom in their lives. Over 21 days, Swamiji shares 21 free tools to access our own inner power and greatness for a productive and meaningful life – to unfold the divinity within ourselves. What is special about this challenge is the depth at which it inspires participants to think about what constitutes real transformation and enables them to exert their efforts in that direction. This completely FREE online challenge comes with BONUS FREE additional material to revise key concepts anytime!

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Drop-In Recharge Sessions Online

Don’t know where to start? Weekly recharge sessions are short, easy-going, welcoming, friendly sessions in which anyone can drop in as time permits. Meet people of similar interests, and just relax, learn, explore, and grow. Spend 30 minutes to recharge and renew for the week!

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Free Yoga Sessions with Experienced Instructors Online



Want to learn Yoga but unable to pay for classes? This session will help provide you tools and resources to do see FREE OF COST!

Yogasans including warm-up - Complete classical sequence of asanas for mind, body, and soul

Surya Namaskar - Traditional 12 postures to help increase the metabolism, improve digestion, and keep the spine young and supple.

Pranayama/Breathing Techniques - Proper breathing, Yogic breathing exercises and benefits.

Question and Answer Session - Exclusive Q&A Session at the end of every class to get your queries clarified.

When: Mar 18th – Mar 31st, 4:30PM CST

For more information visit:

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Daily Online Meditation



Due to immense demand, JKYog now offers FREE daily meditation sessions online! Pranayama is more powerful than Yoga and meditation is more powerful than Pranayama. Learn and practice the most effective and powerful Roopdhyan meditation technique, every single day of the week. Take advantage of these FREE daily sessions to destress, and improve your physical, mental, and spiritual health!

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Sanskrit Classes Online



One of the oldest known languages in the world, this extremely logical and pleasing language is the chosen medium of communication for all the Vedic Scriptures as well as some Buddhist and Jain texts. The word Sanskrit means “well formed”. A NASA engineer has even published a paper on the suitability of this language for Artificial Intelligence due to its strict grammar rules. Learn to understand this beautiful language, chosen to communicate divine wisdom by God Himself and gain a better grasp of Vedic Shlokas and Sutras! – completely FREE OF COST!

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Bhagavad Gita Study Sessions Online


The Bhagavad Gita is one of the most well-known Vedic Texts. In addition to expounding on deep Vedic philosophy, it gives concise and comprehensive tools for implementing spiritual wisdom in everyday life. Join this Bhagavad Gita online session to learn gems of wisdom for everyday living expounded by Shri Krishna five thousand years ago. We offer BOTH Bhagavad Gita Discussion as well as Bhagavad Gita Recitation Sessions and suggest taking Sanskrit lessons alongside to better understand the Shlokas. We also offer Youth Bhagavad Gita classes moderated by college age instructors to help the youth absorb Gita concepts for application in daily life in a fun and safe environment where they can easily get their doubts clarified.

     Bhagavad Gita Study: Reading and learning from the Bhagavad Gita commentary by Swami    Mukundananda. Swamiji’s popular commentary is extensive in its knowledge, yet very lucid and easy-to-understand.

    Bhagavad Gita Recitation Session: Learn to recite and chant Bhagavad Gita verses with the right pronunciation in Sanskrit! It is conducted by volunteers with years of expertise in Bhagavad Gita chanting.

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Satsang in Hindi and English Online



Ready to take the next step in your spiritual journey? Satsang or "Divine Association" enables people to take their minds to God by remembering His names, forms, virtues, and pastimes, through devotional chanting and hearing divine wisdom from the spiritual teachers.  Get your spiritual doubts clarified; Reach new spiritual heights in the company of like-minded people who will inspire you on your own journey. Satsang is offered in both Hindi and English.

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Kirtan Learning and Chanting Online



Understand the secrets of deep Vedic Philosophy embedded in the nectarine compositions of Jagadguruttam Shri Kripaluji Maharaj (Shri Maharajji) and learn to sing them! The different emotions of devotion automatically arise in our hearts and we experience the sweetness of each of these emotions, when we internalize the spiritual knowledge or Tattva Gyan inherent in the divine kirtans!

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Bhakti Ras Sadhana Online

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Dive deeper into the ocean of devotion with mesmerizing chants full of deep longing for the divine. This is an amazing opportunity to make your devotional remembrance constant throughout the day. The more time we spend in deep contemplation and mental devotion, the greater is our ability to constantly feel the presence of God. We recommend taking these sessions along with the Online Kirtan Learning Sessions for a fuller devotional experience.

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