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Devotees Pray for World Peace 24 hr Mahamantra Chanting

Program Updates / May 18, 2021

Mahamantra chanting is one of the best spiritual practices to attract the divine grace of God easily in the present age of Kalyug. JKYog devotees worldwide continuously chanted the Mahamantra from May 14-15 with sincerity, and deep devotion to raise positive vibrations globally and seek God’s grace to provide solace to those suffering deeply at this time from the horrendous impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in India. We share some highlights and key takeaways from Swamiji’s moving address to an enraptured global audience.


Despite Chaos God Has a Plan

When calamities happen, people tend to question the very existence of God. Their faith gets shaken amid terrible suffering. Addressing this need Swamiji reassured everyone that God cares for us and He is still in charge. He has a bigger plan for us that we cannot at presently see.

Quoting from the Bhagavatam, Swamiji mentioned that obstacles are a sign of the special grace of God us to detach us from material pleasures and elevate us spiritually.

“History informs us that it was as somebody said, it was the darkest nights that led to the greatest dawns. And so, the second world war resulted in the dismantling of the British empire and its philosophy of colonialism and imperialism, that had subjugated the world - and led to a new world order where democracy started mushrooming and flourishing. It was in that world order which we were born and influenced us in the way we think and the way we have been living our lives. So, we have faith that God is through this pain and suffering, taking his dear children, taking humanity at large to a greater light, to a greater level of consciousness, sometimes from our tiny perspective – we are not able to see the harmony and synchronicity of the greater plan.”

Mahamantra Chanting with Selfless Intentions – An Act of Sacrifice or Mahayajna

In a relay system with the baton passed seamlessly across satsang centers globally thanks to a hardworking and enthusiastic volunteer team, devotees selflessly chanted, beseeching God to provide strength and inner peace to people sick with COVID, people who have lost their family members and for peace to those who have departed the earthly plane because of the disease.

Swami Mukundananda opened the event with a rousing keynote stating that the need of the hour alongside medical aid, is divine wisdom to sustain faith and strength through this difficult time. The Bhagavad Gita prescribes yajna or sacrifice. As inhabitants of this earth, it is our bounden duty to give back as yajna – in gratitude for the air we breathe, the sunlight we receive, the water we drink, the food we eat. Such selfless yajna please the celestial gods, bringing rain, which its wake brings grain, which gets transformed into semen in the body which leads to the birth of new humans who will again perform yajna and sustain the cycle.

“ “Yagyanam japayagyosmi” – “Arjun”, Lord Krishna says, “Of all Yagyas I am the enunciation of my names.”” In the past ages people performed great sacrifices that we have heard of - they did Ashvamedh Yagya, they did Gomedh Yagya etc and reaped the fruits of it. But the scriptures also tell us these Yagyas are not possible in the present age of Kali, the age of hypocrisy, and deceit and cheating and falsehood. This age of Kali which is now 5000 years long. old – in this age the finest, purest and easiest is Sankirtan - the congregational chanting of the divine names of god.” , said Swamiji emphasizing the glories of Mahamantra chanting.

Significance of Mahamantra Chanting – Meaning of Mahamantra

This 16 syllable mantra

“Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare” is from the Kali Santarana Upanishad of the Krishna Yajurveda. Expounding on the deep devotional significance of this powerful chant, Swamiji said,

”The word Krishna refers to the Lord who is all attractive and who draws to Himself the minds of even the renounced yogis. The word Ram, ramante yoginonante nityanande chidatmani…. refers to the Lord who is an ocean of bliss and who bestows that sweet bliss upon his devotees. The word, Hare comes from Hara. Just like Radha in the invocative form becomes Radhe, similarly Hara refers to the divine energy -  the Yogmaya power Radharani and we are invoking her – Hare. So the mantra is a prayer at the feet of the divine mother – Oh Shree Radha Rani please accept this fallen soul at Your lotus feet, bestow Your divine grace, Your divine love and engage me in the service of the divine father.”

The World Needs God says Swamiji

As the chanting progressed across the 24 hours, spirits of devotees worldwide soared higher and higher. The ever-increasing bliss of the holy name of God kept devotees energized, engaged, and awake throughout culminating in joyous dancing. Swami Mukundananda’s soul touching chant of the Hare Ram Mahamantra in the tune of “Jai Jai Nandananda….” deeply intensified the devotion of listeners.

The Mahamantra chanting concluded with the devotees of Radha Krishna Temple of Bay Area placing candles on the letters “Hare Ram Hare Krishna” to the tune of the popular Bhajan from the movie Lagaan,”O Paalan Hare”. The candles created a mesmerizing display which combined with the intense spiritually charged atmosphere, melted the hearts of a worldwide audience from India in the East to California in the West in fervent prayer for peace and relief to all.

Swamiji then delivered one of the most powerful addresses ever, that shook the inner consciousness of all.

“We are striving hard to take God out of the mainstream discussion, to make the discussion of God unfashionable. And then we say why is God not taking care of his world? Isn’t it strange that we are willing to believe the newspapers and the hundreds of TV channels that have sprouted up, but we are not willing to believe what the Bhagavad Gita and the Ramayan state; we are not willing to believe the wisdom of our ancient Vedic scriptures?... Isn’t it strange that we are so concerned about what others will think, but we are unconcerned about what God will think? We have taken God out of our lives. And the real medicine, the most important treatment is God Consciousness!”

Chanting is the Way to Please God in Kaliyuga

Despite the fact the Kaliyuga is full of defects, the biggest benefit of this age unlike other ages is that God can be easily attained through chanting of the name of God in Bhakti or loving devotion. The Yuga Dharma or the path to God-realization changes from Meditation in Satya Yuga, to Sacrifice in Treta Yuga, to Worship/Puja in Dwapar Yuga, to chanting the Holy names in Kali Yuga.

God is present everywhere in the world and within us. But we cannot see Him due to our ignorance and due to this we don't benefit from Him. However out of his causeless mercy He has seated Himself within His names. Thus when we chant the name of God, we are directly in the presence of God! Let that sink in! The more we develop firm faith in this, the more we will experience the bliss of taking the divine name. One of the central tenets in Bhakti Yog is to constantly feel the presence of God. In doing so, one day we will realize Him.

Reiterating the importance of Mahamantra Mahayajna, Swamiji stated,

”If you say water-water it will not quench your thirst, but the spiritual realm is different – in the name of God is His form, His virtues, His abode, His pastime, and His saints. So that is why this name of God is an immense treasure and the Lord has not created any rules for chanting it. Na desha niyamastasmin na kaalaniyamastatha. So in this age of kali which is labelled in the Bhagavatam as the age of hypocrisy and deceit, the best kind of yagya is Sankirtan yagya, Kaler dosha nidhe rajan nastiyeko mahanguna kīrtanād eva kṛṣṇasya mukta-saṅgaḥ paraṁ vrajet.”


He then concluded the event expressing deep appreciation for the global JKYog volunteer team, praising the singers for devotionally charged chants, and offering respects to God and Guru.

JKYog too conveys its heartiest appreciation to everyone who participated in this noble endeavor! Watch Event glimpses on the JKYog Academy YouTube Channel.

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Let us join hands and offer financial assistance in this dire situation. Your generous contribution will help save many lives. Please donate any amount to Support COVID relief in India.

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