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Global Kirtan Non Stop 48 Hours for Education Healthcare

Videos / October 29, 2021

JKYog and the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas are organizing a non stop 48 Hours Akhand Global Kirtan for education and healthcare, as a part of the Diwali Mahotsav 2021 celebrations from Oct 29-Nov 7.

JKYog founder, global spiritual leader Swami Mukundananda will lend his mellifluous, heart melting voice to devotional chants composed by Bhakti Saint Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj at various times during the 48 Hours. Joining him in raising positive vibrations worldwide are global JKYog kirtan groups. Attendees can support the event in person and virtually, by chanting and/or becoming yajmans for the whole duration or a portion of the 48 Hours. The Dr Dash Foundation will match donations made during this time. Read worldwide press coverage of the event here

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The event began with a beautiful Diya lighting ceremony, Radha Krishna Poojan and opening keynote by Swamiji on the importance of giving. Swamiji sang three kirtans beautiful kirtans composed by Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj, which drenched devotees in divine bliss of the pastimes of Shree Krishna. He started with the deeply haunting Shree Gurudev Kripal ki Bali expressing gratitude to the Guru whose mercy helps us cross the ocean of Maya and get divine love for Shree Radha Krishna. Then he switched gears to the enthusiastic "Tujhsa Dayalu Nahin Pyaare", filling everyone with jubilance at the causeless grace of Shree Krishna who even sent demons like Putana to his divine abode. People thoroughly enjoyed the kirtan, clapping along and raising the divine vibrations in the temple to rapturous proportions. This was followed by "Braj Ras Barasi Rahyo Braj Bithin" highlighting how that Lord who is feared by fear itself, is enslaved by the love of Mother Yashoda and the Gopis - such is Braj Ras or the divine love bliss one can only get in Braj. This kirtan deeply moved the listeners alternately pushing them into meditative and jubilant states.


Opening Keynote Takeaways: Importance of Giving

Giving the example of famous oil tycoon J. Paul Getty, who at one point was the richest man in the world, Swamiji juxtaposed it with the businessman’s frugal nature through a humorous story. Once J. Paul Getty and his friends went to attend a show and reached fifteen minutes earlier than the start time. Seeing a notice displayed which offered a discount for arriving late, he asked his friends to join him for a stroll so they may delay their entry and avail the discount!

To everyone’s surprise Swamiji then said that in his opinion, misers were actually the biggest givers, because they too like everyone else cannot take anything with them upon death and are forced to give it away. This eye-opening fact made everyone pay closer attention to the importance of giving which Swamiji then proceeded to highlight.


According to the scriptures, it is important to give away one tenth of one’s wealth, to get into the mindset of giving to God and Guru. Without this habit of giving one truly cannot love God selflessly, or do Karm Yog, no matter how much we practice the presence of God alongside our work. The practice of giving away our wealth in service to God, engenders in us the spirit of working for the pleasure of God to earn money. The process of spiritual transformation begins there.

Swamiji also highlighted the true meaning of giving to “charity” in the sense of what constitutes charity – the highest charity is done by the saints, who focus on the spiritual elevation of the soul by distributing divine knowledge rather than simply taking care of physical needs such as food and shelter. Helping the Guru in such an endeavor is highly purifying and the biggest opportunity that only the most fortunate can avail in one lifetime.

So why should you participate in this JKYog 48 Hours Global Kirtan Phenomenon? For one, doing kirtan with a true understanding of its purpose, will take us individually and as a community towards peace at a time when the world could use more love, compassion, and empathy. Secondly it will help us implement compassion and selflessness by giving to the underprivileged. Read further to understand what kirtan is, what is the most effective way to do kirtan.

What is Kirtan

Kirtan as per Vedic scriptures is loving remembrance through devotional chanting of not just the names but also forms, pastimes, abodes, qualities, and saints of God. In today’s day and age Kirtan has become a popular cultural phenomenon with every spiritual group using it to spread goodwill, or to bring people together simply by chanting the name of God repeatedly.

However, the true purpose of Kirtan goes much beyond that. Merely chanting the name of God, a certain number of times with a rosary or with external jubilance, is an empty ritual.

“Mala pherat jug bhaya, fira na man ka phera

Kar ka manka darike, man ka manka fera” – Saint Kabir

“Ages have passed chanting the name of God mechanically, merely running the fingers over rosary beads, but the mind has not transformed. It is now high time to drop the rosary of the hand and chant the name of God with the rosary of the mind.”

When we add the mental loving remembrance or “smaran” of God, with complete faith that God is present in the name, the same Kirtan becomes spiritually effective in melting the heart and purifying it of baser instincts. The very life of kirtan or chanting is thus loving remembrance of God. As famous Bhakti saint Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said, “Moner smaran praan.”

Why Should we Do Kirtan

Kirtan is the most effective way to implement Tridha Bhakti i.e., Shravan-Smaran-Kirtan – the trifold method of developing Bhakti or love for God. In the beginning stages people find it difficult to chant continuously. Thus, singing the names and pastimes of the Lord with the cadence of various musical Ragas, along with the enthusiastic beats of the dhol (drums), manjira (cymbals) and other instruments, enhances the devotional experience manifold, to the point that devotees cannot get enough of the bliss of God through chanting kirtans.

Watch this video to understand the four benefits of Kirtan:

Moving towards God or doing everything for the pleasure of God with devotion is more effective than fighting against evil in our hearts without His support.

The Need for Spiritual Practice of Bhakti Yog

A common question nowadays is how to spread world peace. The reality is that peace begins with implementing spiritual wisdom and spreads. While it is tempting to counter violence in the world, with vitriol, or with protests, a more productive way is to first begin with improving ourselves and our own minds – and simply helping other less fortunate people in our own little ways selflessly.

Watch this video to understand how a lack of spiritual wisdom leads to problems such as religious intolerance, war, global warming, and poverty.

It is only when we develop selfless love for God, that we can develop selfless love for all His creation and truly spread peace, tolerance, and well-being as his tiny fragments at our own individual levels. When we develop love for God, we realize our oneness with everyone and everything melting away selfishness. Someone else’s suffering becomes our own. It is only then that we can truly serve humanity. Service is not an external act, but a mindset developed through spiritual wisdom and divine love bestowed by God’s grace. We attract God’s grace when we purify our minds and hearts through sadhana or spiritual practice of Bhakti Yog or Love for God.

The True Celebration of Diwali

It is only by practicing Bhakti, purifying our hearts, shedding selfless tears of love for God, that we become situated in implementing the true spirit of Diwali: winning the battle of good over evil against our minds.

As renowned saint Shri Ramakrishna Paramahansa said, “Devotion is love for the highest; and the lowest shall fall away by itself.”

Further the nectarine kirtan compositions of Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj, can melt even hearts of stone with their haunting tunes and profound devotional meaning.

Life is short. Do not miss this golden chance to develop selfless love for God, transform yourself and the world, one kirtan at a time. Join the JKYog global kirtan train to ring in the true spirit of Diwali and lend a helping hand to underprivileged and neglected sections of society.

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