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A Prayer From the Heart

Videos / April 07, 2018

Swamiji recites in his touching voice, a daily prayer that cries out to the Divine Beloved for causeless mercy and humbly begs for the gift of Divine Love that is needed to accomplish the goal of human life, namely serving God.

God is attained, not through personal efforts in spiritual practice or sadhana, but through his grace alone. This is a powerful daily prayer composed by Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj. It begins with salutations to the Guru and ends with a humble cry. When recited with sincerity, over time it can make one realize the futility of one’s own efforts in reaching God. Instead the realization dawns, through the grace of Shree Maharajji, that we have reached the end of our rope. The only thing that can save us from ruin now, is the causeless grace of God in bestowing the alms of divine love upon us, since we clearly do not deserve Divine Love being so impure. It brings one to a state of humility before the Divine.

Kick off your morning with this beautiful heartfelt call to the divine, follow it up with a chant or Kirtan and conclude with Aarti. Following this routine everyday will gradually strengthen your connection to the Divine both during sadhana and through the day. Play this video to recite the daily prayer with Swamiji.  For your convenience English translations are provided below for each line of the daily prayer.

The Daily Prayer – Humbling Yourself Before God

Shri Gurave Namah!

Shri Gurave Namah!

Shri Gurave Namah!

I Bow Again and Again to the Lotus Feet of my Guru!

Aacharyam Maam Vijaaniyaan

Naavamanyeta Kar Hichit

Na Martya Buddhyaa Sooyeta

Sarva Devamayo Guruh

“Know the Guru to be Myself (God).  Never think unfavorably about him.  Do not use your material mind to comprehend the Guru’s divine actions, for all the forms of God dwell within him.”  (Bhagavatam 11.17.27)

Hey Param Priyatam, Poornatam, Purushottam Shri Krishna

Oh My Divine Beloved Shri Krishna!

Tumse Vimukh Hone ke Kaaran, Anaadikal se Hamne, Anantaanant Dukh Paaye, Evam Paa Rahe Hain

I have suffered and continue to suffer infinite sorrows as a result of eternally ignoring you.

Paap Karte Karte, Antahkaran itna Malin Ho Chuka Hai ki, Rasikon Dwaara Yah Jaanane Par Bhi, ki Tum Apano Bhujaaon ko Pasaare, Apani Vaatsalyamayi Drishti se Hamaari Prateeksha kar Rahe ho, Tumhaari Sharan mein Nahin Aa Paataa.

My heart has become so impure from committing sins that even after hearing from your Saints, that you are waiting for me with loving eyes and open arms to embrace me, I am unable to surrender unto you.

Hey Asharan Sharan! Tumhaari Kripa ke Bina, tumhe Koi Jaan Bhi to Nahin Saktaa.

Oh Refuge of the destitute! Without your grace, no one can know you.

Aisi Stithi mein he Akaaran Karun, Patit Paavan Shri Krishna, Tum Apani Ahaituki Kripa se Hi Humko Apana Lo!

Therefore, Oh Redeemer of the Fallen Souls, causelessly merciful Shri Krishna, please accept us with a glance of your causeless grace!

Hey Karuna Saagar! Hum Bhukti Mukti Aadi Kuch Nahi Maangte.

Oh Ocean of Mercy! We do not desire fulfillment of material desires or even liberation.

Hamein to Keval Tumhaare Nishkaam Prem ki hi, Ekmaatra chaaha hai.

We solely desire your Selfless Divine Love.

Hey Naath! Apane Virad ki Or Dekhkar, is Adham ko Niraash na Karo

Oh Lord! Keeping your reputation in mind, please do not dishearten this pitiable,  fallen soul.

Hey Jeevan Dhan! Ab Bahut Ho Chuka!

Oh Treasure of my Life! I have suffered enough!

Ab to Tumhaare Prem ke Bina, Yah Jeevan, Mrityu se bhi Adhik Bhayaanak hai

Without your love, this life is more frightening than death itself!


Prem Bhikshaam Dehi!

Prem Bhikshaam Dehi!

Prem Bhikshaam Dehi!


I beg you to grant me alms of your love!

I beg you to grant me alms of your love!

I beg you to grant me alms of your love!

Saaket Bihaari Shri Raaghavendra Sarkaar ki Jai!

All Glories to the Lord of Saket, Lord Ram

Vrindaavan Bihaari Shri Yaadavendra Sarkar ki Jai!

All Glories to the Lord of Vrindaavan, Lord Krishna!

Srimad Sadguru Sarkaar ki Jai!

All Glories to Shree Maharajji!

Jai Jai Shree Radhey!

Jai Jai Shree Radhey!

Jai Jai Shree Radhey!

All Glories to Shree Radha Rani!

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