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Spiritual Paradigm for Management

Wellness For Life / March 04, 2019

Spiritual Paradigm for Management

Leaders and managers are taught and trained to bring order to chaotic circumstances. However, no matter how hard they try, new disorder continuously creeps into the system. The unpredictable economic environments, policy changes, labor unrest, vagaries of the weather, a multitude of other tumultuous situations arise. In short, the whole world seems to be in disarray, but it’s actually not.

The Splendor of God’s Organization

There is a tremendous organization manifesting around us in every aspect of God’s creation – from a tiny atom to our DNA. “The human genome consists of all the DNA of our species, the hereditary code of life. Such is the amazing complexity of the information carried within each cell of the human body, that a live reading of that code at a rate of one letter per second would take thirty-one years, even if reading day and night,” writes Francis S. Collins, the leader of the international Human Genome Project, in his book The Language of God.

This is indicative of the perfection of God’s creation. Behind the seeming chaos and randomness, there is an amazing organizational structure, as God is immanent in his creation. Our Vedic scriptures emphasize this repeatedly. The Īśhopaniṣhad states:  īśhāvāsyam idam sarvaṁ – “This whole world is the veritable form of God.” If we can transcend above the internal imperfections – anger, greed, pride, jealousy, etc. – we can then discern the perfect world.

The Purpose Behind God’s Design

This world is perfectly designed in a manner to bring about the gradual flowering of the consciousness of the soul over continuum of lifetimes. This entire universe prods us towards the evolution of consciousness. The challenges that we come across are the part of the process that enrich us internally.  A caterpillar takes on strong wings, transforming into a beautiful butterfly after going through the struggle. Similarly, this creation hurls processes at us to bring about transformation. If we can perceive this aspect of the God’s design, and align ourselves with it, then we make growth as our goal.

Work is a ladder given to us by God to help us ascend our inner growth. When it dawns upon us that work is not merely a matter of achieving results, but also growing up, we will take everything in our stride. A leader with this perspective, facilitates the team members’ development and encourages their growth, naturally increasing the service attitude towards them.

Managers, Manage Thyself!

The efficacy of a manager doesn’t exclusively depend upon the knowledge of management science, but also rests on the level of the manager’s consciousness. Quantum mechanics reveal that all matter at the lowest level is vibration. Hence, how the mind vibrates and what thoughts it harbors, impacts our own personality, the environment, and others around us. The Vedic scriptures inform us that the mind is of paramount importance.  One’s consciousness has a direct bearing on the effectivity as a leader and a manager. In other words, to be an effective leader, one needs to be spiritually mature as well. However, how do we enrich ourselves spiritually?

When we ask the question, “Who am I,” we embark on the spiritual journey. Perceiving the difference between the body and the knower of the body is the first step towards spiritual wisdom states Bhagavad Gita.  Comprehending that we are an integral part of this creation, endeavoring to establish that relationship with the creation and the creator, while training the mind in the spirit of surrender, enhances the service attitude.  And that’s when we can add the spiritual dimension to the management style, realizing that it is integrally related to our spiritual health.