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Vigorous Effort Leads to Success in Devotion

Videos / February 14, 2018

Swamiji reveals to us that success is achieved through vigorous effort. He reminds us through a personal story that we need to eliminate laziness from the inside. This is especially true of the spiritual journey which is fraught with many challenges and not immediately fruitful.

Apply Vigorous Effort Despite Challenges

External challenges that induce laziness in devotional endeavors include difficult family and work commitments. These can be overcome by making devotion a priority ahead of everything else. However, the more dangerous challenges are those brought up by the mind. The mind can fool us into becoming contended with where we are instead of inspiring us to put in vigorous effort. Becoming contended with one’s spiritual efforts can take four forms, also called Tushtis, which are  great obstacles to surrender.

What is the Reason for Vigorous Effort?

When faced with challenges, we need to have the mental enthusiasm to press on despite them. Instead we become lazy with our efforts. But how do we fight challenges posed by our own mind? We need to have a burning desire to succeed, which in turn will help us to make a firm resolve. This burning desire arises from having the right knowledge in the intellect always. This in turn allows us to put vigorous effort in sadhana and purify our minds to attract the grace of God and Guru. Grace enables us to achieve success in devotion and service. Watch this video to get the knowledge we need to keep in our intellect to eliminate laziness!

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Use Daily Sadhana as a tool to put in vigorous effort in sadhana.

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