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Happiness Challenge – What Can You Expect?

Happiness Challenge / December 25, 2018



If you are scratching your head, wondering what this 21 day Happiness Challenge is all about read on!

According to the work done by Dr Fred Luskin of Stanford University, the human brain has 60000 thoughts per day and 90% of these thoughts are repetitive. [1] Another study led by Dr Raj Raghunathan of the University of Texas at Austin reveals that 60%-75% of our thoughts are negative and are driven by the subconscious need for superiority, love and control. [2]

When we have repetitive negative thoughts for days and weeks, we form a habit of thinking negatively – in other words we now start generating automatic negative thoughts or ANTs (as psychologists call them). To break the vicious cycle of automatic negativity we need to challenge each negative thought with a positive thought through awareness, observation, and replacement until it becomes natural for us to be in a positive frame of mind.

But HOW? It is said that any habit takes a minimum of 21 days to become solidified as an automatic mental and physical process. Research has shown that it takes more than this duration, but 21 days is a start.

Happiness Challenge - Event Sign Up

That’s why we have the 21 Day Happiness Challenge where, starting Dec 31, 2018 until Jan 20, 2019(USA) and Jan 1,2019 to Jan 21, 2019(India), Swami Mukundananda will share very specific daily tips via online videos on how to become happy and remain happy! 

How To Register: This is an online event. Click here for free sign up or to invite your friends and family!

Happiness Challenge - Daily Videos

These videos will also be made available through our groups on Facebook and WhatsApp - click to join these groups and stay updated on the daily video challenges!


Let us ring in 2019 blissfully!